Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Signs of Warmer Weather

Signs of warmer weather come in different forms for lots of people.  A few things around our house that are sure fire signs that warmer weather has arrived:
*Noah prefers a popsicle for dessert, treat, or any reason if we are offering(but what kid wouldn't)
*Noah informs me that that my legs are "prickly, I don't like it" (I guess that means if I am going to wear shorts, I need to shave more often)
*Baths/Showers happen a couple times a day for purposes of entertainment, cooling off and getting the dirt off
*Noah wants to wear his sandels, but thanks to Buck-O (that's G-pa Elder) he wants to wear them with socks
*David has put away all other shoes and lives in his flip flops
*Every toy turns into a lawn mower
*We have to check the temperature of the pool water about everyday
*My pastey white legs are on display
*We grill atleast couple times a week
*Our balcony is littered with chalk and water buckets
*Windows are wide open for fresh air, but also sadly in Texas we have already used the air conditioner a couple days in a row

What signs are you all seeing in your homes?

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