Sunday, August 28, 2011


I am doing a lot of catching up this August.  The Omaha Henry Doorley Zoo is usually an hour drive but with the flooding it is a good two but that has not stopped us from making the trip every other month or so to enjoy all that a zoo has to offer.  This last trip we were able to enjoy it with a couple other families, we made it through the zoo with 5 children that remained fairly happy and content throughout, and the adults did pretty well too!
Here are a few shots from the trip.

In the bear caves!  Oh my!
 Jacob showing off some steps.

 Noah thought this duck was pretty funny it was pecking at the window trying to get at Noah.
 Ploeger Family, Us'n and the Simmelink Family

Great day by all, hopefully the flood waters start moving out and we can get to the zoo more often (I am hoping that the flood waters move out for other reasons as well).  If you are ever in Omaha the zoo is fabulous and we highly recommend it!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our Anniversary

We celebrated our 6 year anniversary a few weeks ago, but I haven't gotten the chance to share our date with you!  We went bowling, David and I both won a game and called it even.  We also realized that we haven't been bowling since before Noah was born, it was so much fun!  We also went to the casino boat, neither of us has ever gambled and we thought it would be something spontaneous, plus I have always wanted to pull the arm on a slot machine.  We went in with $2 each, David got 25 cents back and I won 17.60 from $2.25!!  Then David took $5 from my winnings and played a $5 slot and lost!  But we still came out on top.  After our gambling adventure we ate at Rebo's which is a local Cajun restaurant and it was AWESOME!!
Oh and as tradition I tried on my wedding dress and don't worry after having a baby 4 months ago it didn't fit, David is holding the back together for me!  Noah was so sweet he said, 'Mommy, you are so beautiful!'  It has been an awesome and wonderful 6 years with David and I can't wait to see what else is in store for us!

(see evidence that it didn't zip up!)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Our Littlest Monster

Can you believe that this little monster is 4 months old on Sunday!  Boy is time flying by.  We have his 4 month check up on Monday so I will update with the stats after that.  
This little guy is so happy and easy to smile.  He loves his momma, as every little boy should and his big brother.  Every time Levi gets Noah in his sights he automatically has a smile on his face.  The only time this little guy fusses is if he is hungry (which is about every 3 hours now) and if he is tired of the spot he is in.  We have seen the results on him rolling over but very rarely does he do it.  He loves to stand on our laps (with our support of course) or be sitting up, other words he loves to see what is going on around him, not just the ceiling fan.

16 pounds (75%)
25 1/4 inches (75%)

I remember with Noah we were on a schedule (maybe not by now) at least for naps but Levi is pretty easy going and takes naps here and there throughout the day and basically sleeps all night.  It is true you get a little more laid back after the first kiddo (sorry Noah) ;-) 

County Fair

 It has been so long since I have been to a county fair and I was just as excited as Noah.  Plus we got to spend it with friends.  He loved seeing the animals and they had a great Kid's Zone in a cooled building (which was just what little Levi needed).  We sipped fresh squeezed lemonade, ate fried foods walked through the livestock barns.  I didn't post a pic of it but Noah was super impressed by the Lego dragon that someone had built and received a blue ribbon on.  (Noah has been really into Legos, and his daddy is proud)

 (I always joke about Noah and his girls) Aren't they cute?!?!

Friday, August 5, 2011


On a recent trip to Chicago we visited the Field Museum and saw Sue...

and some of her friends...

we carried the World on our shoulders....

and of course we had to get hot dogs from a street vendor, David was the only one who actually got a Chicago Dog

We could have spent at least a couple of days in the Field Museum alone, we had a great time!