Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Signs of Summer

A few pics to share of the handsome little fellas in my life.  We are having a great summer, hope you are too!

 He is measuring how tall his corn is getting.  He is very proud of his corn.
Here is one of our garden plots, and I am very proud of how it is doing!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Noah: Tee Ball

Today was the first day of the first season of what MIGHT become many more seasons of ball.  It was a little crazy for the first day and four fields of 4&5 year olds playing ball but it was fun and I was excited to see my son involved....if I can even use the word 'involved' when talking about 4 year olds waiting for a teammate to hit, waiting for the ball to come their way or waiting to run to the next base while a crowd of parents and grandparents watch trying to yell directions.

But when all was done for this Saturday morning of tee ball I asked Noah if he had fun, he without hesitation responded, 'YES!'  So I the parent who kind of stepped in and made myself the 1st base coach didn't ruin it for him and he had fun even though he walked off the field to Grandma saying that he needed a drink and then when he got back to the field to sit down at short stop.  It was cute and it really wasn't that big of a deal to anyone (the ball never got hit that far anyway).