Saturday, November 29, 2008

Noah's First Birthday

Not only have we had Grandma, Grandpa Elder, Aunt Laura and Aunt Carla here for Thanksgiving, we had a party for Noah today. He turned one! We can not believe that a year has flown by and our little boy is ONE! He has grown so much in his first year of life I can not imagine what is in store for the years to come. We invited some of our closest friends to eat pizza and cake with us this afternoon. I (rebekah) have to do some bragging, I made Noah's 1st Birthdat cake!! I am so excited about how it turned out, it actually looks like blocks! (and it taste good too, bonus). Noah got some great new toys, in the last hour before bed he has gone from one thing to the next just as happy as can be. We are hoping to get the video uploaded of him eating his cake and opening gifts (which the paper was more exciting then the gifts for awhile), we are having some trouble with youtube (it looks like other people are too....)
We hope everyone had a great turkey day, we love you all!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just wanted to let you all know that Noah's still cute. He grabbed his pants while getting dressed from work. He took the top off of his little Lego play table and climbed in. AND he had his first sleepover--with a girl (we babysat for the neighbors; she's only a month younger than Noah and they had a lot of fun).

Friday, November 14, 2008

Itchin' for the Holidays

I just have to say that I am just itchin' for the Holidays. The change in weather (which in Texas is really feels like Fall), the music, lights, and we might even enjoy a cozy fire in our apartment this year. (Don't worry we aren't setting the place a'blaze, we have a fireplace) David is going to have to restrain me from putting up the tree as soon as Thanksgiving is over. We have already had a few discussions over the tree: where will it be, will Noah pull it over on himself? I think we have actually decided to put it on our balcony, without gifts of course. I am curious how that will play out but it will definetly be an adventure. We will make sure to post pictures.

David's parents and sister are coming down for Thanksgiving and Carla (my sister) will join us as well. So we are excited about a full table (of food and people).

Noah's 1st birthday is the Saturday after Thanksgiving so we are all excited about cake and friends coming over. I am looking forward to his reaction to the cake. Anyway, that is the scoop on us lately. Hope everyone is well.