Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Bucket Lists are EVERYWHERE, this is not a new idea for anyone.  I have been wanting to do a list for a couple summers now but just didn't feel like the boys would get into it or really understand it at all....not that there is much to understand.  I guess what I am saying is now that they are older we can all pretty much enjoy the activities as a family.  Noah and I came up with a majority of the list but we are also open to adding to our list (we have tons of space to do so).

* Campfire S'mores
*Swimming Pool
* Park
* Invite a Friend Over
* Tulip Festival
* Walk to get Donuts
* Backyard Campout
* Sparklers
* SnoCones
* Fishing
* Go the the Library
* Zoo
* Washington Vacation
* Swimming Lessons
* Picnic
* Plant Flowers
* Family Bike Ride
* Church (I thought this was funny of Noah since we go every week, but it still needed to be on the list)
* Farmer's Market
* Make Homemade Ice Cream
* Work on Our Garden
* Go Berry Picking
* Make Treat for Our Neighbors
* Go to a Space Museum
* Go on a Moon Walk (meaning a walk at night)
* Run Through Sprinklers/Water Balloon Fight
* Make Sandcastles
* Ride a Carousel
* Make Play Dough
* Make Bird Feeder
* Scavenger Hunt
* Go on a Color Walk
* Make Suncatchers
* Write a Letter
* Make and Take Flat Stanley Places
* Have Root Beer Floats
* Donuts at Jitters

The fun thing is that we have already accomplished a few items on our list...not that we won't want to do them again this summer but check out how we have started the summer:


TULIP FESTIVAL (I will have to post more on the Tulip Festival:-)


So what is on your FUN list this summer?!!