Tuesday, June 22, 2010


It is hot here, but I will have to say it is not as hot as it would be if we were still in Texas!  Hope you are all enjoying your summer vacation too! (Isn't he the cutest little bugger ever!?!?)

Noah's makeshift pool for one!  (and our new fence in the background, love it)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lots Going On

Homeownership is treating us fairly well.  We love having a home and something we are able to call ours and make our own.  Here are a few projects that have been started some finished some in progress still.
The yard has some nice landscaping but it is what I call 'hard' landscaping, mostly rocks some hostas, a few burberry bushes and what I believe is a holly bush.  Anyway, we took out the burberry bushes, they are beautiful but they have thorns and that is the last thing I need Noah getting into.  Some far we have planted a rhubarb plant (love strawberry rhubarb pie), day lillies (I am not sure they are going to make it, Noah kept pulling them out) and a hydranga (not sure about that spelling and not sure that it is going to make it either).  It was a going away gift and it got a little fried in the cab of the u-haul on the way from Texas. 

We started removing some of the rock and we plan to seed it with grass seed and that will give us a few more feet of usable yard and less rock.  In the rock section at the top left of this photo below is where the rhubard is and we hope to remove more rock and make it a small garden (that is on next years list of to-dos).
This project is still in progress because this is the first dry day we have had in over a week.  David and I worked some more on it today - we love being outside in our yard.
Okay, don't worry it didn't snow in June.  This picture is from March when we put in our offer to buy.  But I am showing you this picture because our house sits on a corner and the backyard sits between the back of the house (which you see here) and our garage and runs along the street.  With small children and a dog first thing on our to-do list was to put up a fence.
We have some great friends who own their own contracting business and we hired them to fence in our backyard.  They did an awesome job and we L-O-V-E it. It looks great, we can let Molly (our dog) out and we don't have to worry about Noah running into the street when we are all in the backyard.
Noah said he was supervising, such a little handy man!
This curio cabinet was my grandparents, I remember exactly where it sat in there home.  Well anyway, my aunt offered it to us when we bought the house and I was so excited.  We plan on putting it in our dining room.  It was a deep red color with a brushed black over it.  It was cute but I wanted to clean it up about and make it a little more classic I guess.  The glass on the bottom was also broken so I need to either replace it or I have thought about putting in a piece of fabric...that might not make since but it makes since in my mind.  So for the last two day I have been spray painting it black but I have left the inside this deep red, I think I like it that way.  It is still a work in progress, I will keep you posted.  (I also have two other pieces of furniture that I am updating/refinishing)  Fun times!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Going Away and Packing Up

And so it began, about 4 weeks ago.  We got serious about packing out things, parties were thrown in our honor (I think Texas was happy to get rid of us), I finished up work at the school, and we said 'see you later' to friends...because we will see Texas again and again.
A going away party, and I know more pictures were taken but
obviously not with our camera. But we had a wonderful time
and it was a great break from packing.

Some people were really worried that we would forget them.....
Noah and Kenzie had lots of fun running around in the big U-Haul. 
Too bad it was taking us away from one our best friends.  We miss you neighbors!
We had to say lots of good byes to wonderful friends and family.