Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Color Week Day 2: Blue

Sorry everyone there just wasn't enough hours in the day yesterday so there will be two posts today.  We did take pictures but I just didn't get around to sitting at the computer and uploading them so here are our blue pictures.  Join in our color adventure with one of your own or check out everyone else who is already joining in through Young Ones!
Picture 1: Noah at breakfast with his BLUE jacket and BLUE plate and lizard is swimming in his water.
Picture 2: Noah being a little fussy on our friend Max's shoulders, who is wearing a BLUE shirt
Picture 3:  The BLUE handicap sign in the parking lot at school
Picture 4: Lizard perched on top of a BLUE helmet
Picture 5: Noah and Lizard in the bushes by a BLUE security sign


gabrielle said...

love his retro styles blue jacket

Once Upon A Parent said...

Those are some great blue shots!


Victoria said...

Hi there! I found your blog through Kerry's color week, we're playing along too! I love how you and Noah have incorporated Lizard into the pictures. Very cute. :)

Kerry said...

Oh that little rascal! I mean Lizard of course! Love the blue!