Friday, September 26, 2008

A lot has been happening around here. I got some big boy pajamas and I did my first art project at home with daddy. I made pretty pictures for mommy! Daddy gave me oil based paint and it tasted so good! Just kiddin'...he actually made some yummy vanilla pudding and then put food coloring in it. I promise that I put more pudding on paper than in my mouth. I looked outside and saw all the pretty trees, but I just don't have a literal artistic vision. I'm much more modern.

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Guys

So today I am feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and a bit ya know 'bitchy'...just ask David. Things are going well, just quickly and a lot to do in what seems like very little time. David was able to spend the whole day with Noah and I was looking forward to seeing my guys all day. But I have come home David and I worked on dinner together something we don't do enough of...Noah tried to help too. Noah and I crawled all around the living room, enjoyed dinner as a family and Noah got a bath, he is a bit of a messy eater. But really, what fun is food if you can't play with it, right? We have discovered that Noah really likes the spaghetti with meat sauce baby food, which is about the only 'dinner' baby food he likes and another thing he really likes is double stuffed oreos. Who would 'a thought, he really is like me! Well I have been working here for a little bit on curriculum and I have lost all motivation, I guess I will be doing some work tomorrow! We love you all and miss everyone in Iowa! Enjoy the pictures of Noah and his oreos as much as he enjoyed the oreos! And, just cuz they're cute, I put up a picture of Noah climbing into the laundry basket and of Noah taking a nap.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Noah Stands, I Have Proof

So, admittedly, this isn't the best visual evidence of him standing. Right before and right after I took the video he did it for longer periods of time, but he noticed the dang camera again and stopped doing what he was doing. Also, Rebekah would appreciate it if you'd turn the sound off because she was caught talking somewhat loudly on her cell phone to her sister (and she thinks it sounds bad). Add on top of all that, the video uploaded in a weird wide screen so it looks all stretched--but it is Noah standing on his own!

Monday, September 1, 2008

It's been a while! Noah is now eating "real people" food and drinking out of a big boy sippy cup with space ships on it (but we're still trying to figure out exactly how to use it). He's been eating bananas for breakfast lately because they're about to go bad and he likes them more than anyone else in the family. He eats a whole banana, which we think is pretty impressive for such a small kid.

Noah had his 9 month check-up this week and he's 19 lbs 9 oz (which is the 40th percentile) and 29.5 inches (which is the 90th percentile). So he's tall and skinny. Hmmm...where could he have gotten that?