Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We went on vacation for Memorial Day weekend. We went down to Llano, TX to celebrate our friend Rachel's dad's retirement from the ministry. He is a Methodist minister and we got to send him off in style with a party and some awesome BBQ. We stayed at a "hunting lodge" on a ranch, i felt like a total Texan. I put hunting lodge in quotes because it was pretty much a regular house with all the amenities, but it was on a ranch...We had a lot of fun, and Noah almost crawled for the first time and his two teeth are almost all the way in! Two of the pictures are of this trip, the other one is just a cute picture of Noah after a bath.

Monday, May 19, 2008

So Amazing

It is so amazing how much love you can feel for one little person. Our little boy is growing up, you are probably thinking obviously Rebekah kids do that. Well, I know that but it has been so awesome to watch Noah over this past weekend. For starters he has cut his two front bottom teeth!! and they are sharp. He seems to be his usual happy little self, ever once and awhile we can tell that his gums hurt. But, as for a crabby baby...not our Noah he as very happy. We have also been working on sitting up and we can do it for a couple of minutes now. The sitting up has also got us wondering when he was going to start getting up on his knees and trying the view from a little higher up. Well, on Sunday he gets himself up on his knees on a regular basis and rocks back and forth before taking a nose dive! There are so many things happening, so quickly. I wish all of you can watch him like we enjoy watching him.
David and I are doing very well. David finished his last semester of classes at TCU with a 4.0 and will study for his oral exams coming this Fall. I will continue to work at the Weekday School as Curriculum Director and I am also taking on a 'side job' of curriculum writer for the Sunday school classes at University Park United Methodist Church (UPUMC). Due to that change we will be changing churches, which is not what we really want but continuing to go back and forth to Fort Worth every Sunday is becoming a little much and we are unable to get as involved as we would like. UPUMC has a contemporary service that I enjoy and David does too but he tends to lean towards the traditional service...
We are on the verge of starting our summer, we have several trips planned and bit of down time at home and I will work and couple weeks each month this summer. Hope all is well with everyone, and look forward to hearing from you.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Howdy from Texas! We hope everyone is very well. We are doing great, very busy. That will happen with the end of the school year for David, and me as well as having a little guy in the family who we just can't get enough of. Noah is doing very well, sleeping all night, eating cereal and chugging down bottles! David has completed 3 years of graduate classes and will now be working on his exams for the fall and move on to his dissertation once he completes and passes exams. The school year is done for me at the end of May and then I will prepare for our Summer Programs! We got family pictures taken last weekend and we can't wait to see the proofs and get things ordered to share...these will be our first professional family pics....well without Molly still. We love everyone.