Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Busy Weekend

Our family enjoyed a four day weekend together. We had an Easter egg hunt with a one of Noah's school friends and a few other 2 year olds on Friday.   David and I also had a date on Friday, it has been awhile.
Noah and William (sorry it is fuzzy)
This is one of my favorite pics of Noah from the weekend, I have a lot of favorites from the weekend.
Noah and William again.

Saturday we didn't do too much, and that was just fine.  Noah and I walked to the donut store that morning then we went over to the Baughman's and played in their backyard and ordered pizza for lunch.  A great day.  A good friend of mine, has been talking about time wasters and I thought about that a lot this weekend when I had so much time to be with Noah and David especially with all that is going on in our lives in the next two months.  I also attended an Easter Vigal at St. Matthews Episcopal, I have never attended one before and it was long, very long but also a beautiful service.
Easter Sunday the weather was beautiful and we had a good day even though is was long.  We spent the day at church and with our 'Texas Family'.  Though naps were cut short and patience grew thin as the day went on it was a great time with family and wouldn't have traded the day for anything else.

Do boys ever grow up?  (I will admit I rode in the jeep too!)

I couldn't leave this picture out from the weekend!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!

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