Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Levi Stats

I have never been good at recording all the boy's milestones but here are Levi's stats from his 9 month appointment:
Weight: 20.5 pounds
Height: 28.5 inches

Our boy is happy and healthy besides the recent ear infection and nasty diaper rash.  He is a very happy baby until recently to take naps and bedtime.  He has 6 teeth now: 4 on top, 2 on the bottom.  Eating some table foods: cheerios, green beans, cooked carrots, yogurt, scrambled eggs (still not sure about these), and I might have given him a little bit of a zucchini brownies that I made the other day!
Still in love with his brother and smiles every time Noah walks into the room.  He also loves to go into the bathroom and seems to know instantly when someone has opened the door or has left the door to the bathroom open.  He prefers to crawl over things instead of going around.  He is pulling himself up on furniture, boxes, toys, etc and even stepping along or moving the item.  He babbles a lot and has been caught climbing the stairs when we forget to put the gate up. 

I just can't believe that in 3 months we will be celebrating our baby's 1st birthday!

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Bit Trapped

I am feeling a little closed in these days.  As my first winter in Iowa as a SAHM while I love my children I am so tempted just to bundle us all up and haul us to Target or the Mall just to see other humans.  I am also a bit bummed that I have not been able to get Noah outside as much as I would like and as much as he needs to get out there and run and get fresh air.  I am in a dilemma with Levi at the age he is in and Noah where he is.  Yes, I can bundle both boys from head to toe but really Levi can't get down and play in the snow, he can't move like Noah and keep warm so I am getting a little stir crazy on how to keep us all entertained.  That's all really...not very excited.
 Levi's fishy face, he has been doing this a lot!
Noah and I did get out this last weekend while David was home, he had fun.  I am glad we got out when we did the snow was gone by noon!

Here are some other things we have been doing inside, check out my Sweet Elder blog!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Holidays!

Christmas was here, though looking out our windows on Christmas morning you would have thought it was the beginning of Fall NOT the end of December!  The weather has been so strange for us Midwestern folk but I don't believe many of us are complaining!  (It actually reminds me of our Texas winters)  We enjoyed so much time with each other over the holiday and with family and friends.  With David being a professor he gets a good long break from his office and duties, it is nice to have that schedule for those respites and I try my hardest not to just hand over the kids and clock out myself but to make our time as a family relaxing and not over scheduled.  I also have to remind myself not to just clock out because this is to be a break for David too...something we have had to work through.  It is kind of funny because as much as I love David being home now that I am a SAHM he kind of throws my groove off, and I tease him about it as he asks me if I would like him to leave!  But after we are all adjusted and into the swing of it we have lots of fun times together: driving around looking at lights, enjoying meals with friends and family, baking, playing soccer at the playground, opening presents after presents, eating more, watching movies, reading books, coloring and I also look around Isee how absolutely blessed I am.