Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We Are Still Here!

Wow, time has flown by the last couple of weeks.  Lot's of happenings in our home and lives.  The biggie - the end of summer!!  Can you believe it?  Here is the quick points:

- new faculty trainings and workshops (3 weeks worth)
- FINALLY, the completion of campus office and I FINALLY get lots and lots of books out of the house!
- first day of classes as Professor Elder!! - he told me he has felt like such an 'imposter', I told him he was made for this job!
- met Monday night with the men's group from the church we have been attending to pizza and beer - had a great time.

Me (Rebekah):
- started my job on Monday (23rd), great bunch of kids - I am still trying to dust out the cobwebs from my brain but really a great first couple of days, three year olds don't really notice the cobwebs!
- accomplished my first ever canning!!! Check out my Sweet Elder blog for recipe and pics!
- finding my 'nitch' at being a stay at home mom - I do love it but Noah can be just as stubborn as me

- his last molers are coming in
- started daycare three mornings a week while I am at work.  He seems to enjoy it, no crying at drop off atleast.
- he has picked up some kung fu moves, which he 'tries' on mommy every once and awhile (we watched Kung Fu Panda for family movie night)
- sat through one whole church service!!
- has been playing more imaginative play, mostly with the lego men
- went to the Omaha Zoo with mom and left Dad home sick!

As A Family:
- We have moved Noah's room upstairs.  For 4 nights in a row is insisted on sleeping in the guest room and we let him and after night 4 I told him if he was going to sleep upstairs that we were going to move all of his things up too.  So on Sunday we made the move.
- David and I attended a beginning of school faculty party at the Dean's home- met lots of great people!
- attended a Sioux City Exploreres Baseball game, beautiful night and Noah made it through the 5th inning

So there's a catch up for you all!  Hope all is well!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcome to the Family

A little update we have a new member of our family: Jim.  Jim is a friend of ours from college and when he heard we were moving back to the area asked us if we would be interested in renting out our basement.  We said, 'absolutely!' with no hesitation. He has been a great addition to our family and Noah L-O-V-E-S him.  So just thought I would fill you in on that because I am sure I will refer to Jim from time to time!

(sunset after the thunderstorm on Sunday night)

On other events, David has started his position at Morningside with a couple weeks of trainings and has enjoyed every minute of it.  We have met some great people.  Couldn't ask for a better community.
We have settled into a church and trying to find our nitch, but it has been a long time since we have felt at peace about a church and feeling 'fed'.
Noah and I have been hanging out, while David has been at work and I am loving every moment even the struggles.  I feel good.  I will start work next week at a Preschool teacher three morning a week and Noah will be going to an in home day care near by. 
Lots of new things happening.  We are really enjoying ourselves here and I am truely at peace when I say this is home - it has been a long time since I have been able to call a place home and know that this is where I am putting down roots! 

Monday, August 2, 2010

Baughman's from Texas Visit

Some of our best friends from Texas visited us last week and we had a great time just hanging out and seeing all the NW Iowa had to offer....
Bedtimes were always an adventure. The first night we started out with Noah and Sylvia in the same room, with little expectations that it would actually work. Let's just say the rest of the week Noah had his room to himself.

We went to Orange City to visit David's parents, show them Northwestern College, Windmill Park, The Old Factory for Pour Over Coffee and of course ate at Pizza Ranch.  Oh and cooled off with ice cream and the sprinkler.
It is very hard for Rachel and I to find a picture of us together since one of us is usually behind a camera but we got one!
We visited Sgt. Floyd on the Missouri River in Sioux City.
"I'm King of the World"
In the middle of the week we invited all of our Iowa/College/OC friends to grill out at our house and meet the Baughman's.  Of course it rained all afternoon but we had a great time.  Number of adults: 17 children: 15 with 2 on the way!  Can you say full house, we are almost outnumbered.

We also went to my parents house for lunch, drove through Farragut, messed around on the farm.  All the kids rode the lawn mower with me, it was a pretty big hit.
And though not an awesome picture of myself plus, Noah and Sylvia are to their limits this is the only group picture we got the whole week.
We had a great time and are already thinking about a trip next year with some meeting up in between most likely!

Mosquitos, Please Go Away

Today, David started 'officially' his job at Morningside College and I 'officially' became a stay-at-home mom!  Noah and I joined David for his walk to work - since it was rainy/wet from last nights storms it would proabably be the only time outside today.  But not only was it rainy/wet the mosquitos were out in full force!  We all got several bites but Noah's bites welt up - check out the one right under his eye!  Pour fella. 

Other than the mosquitos we had a pretty good day.  I do have to share this 'melt my heart moment'.  Noah had gotten in trouble for throwing a block at me (that is not the 'melt my heart moment') and as I sat down to talk to him about why he was in trouble, if he would like his mommy or a friend to throw a block at him, and how that would make him feel.  I also asked him what he thinks he should say to me to make me feel better, his response, 'mommy can you play blocks with me, because you are my best friend', wraps his little arms around me in a huge hug and asks me, 'Are you happy now?'

I have recently been asked if it is hard to discipline Noah (because he is so darn cute and such a stinker) - I guess there is your answer.