Sunday, April 18, 2010

Interview with Noah

A fellow blogger, Kerry, has been posting interviews of her children, husband and herself.  It is really cute.  So I have decided to steal the idea and post interviews of our family.  Remember Noah is 2 1/2  so he is a little preoccupied with other things than sitting down to talk. :-)

What is your favorite food? cereals and these things (meaning the fruit snacks that were in his hand as we were talking)
What kind of pizza do you like? pepperoni
Where do you like to play? playgrounds
Who do you like to play with? Kenzie (that is our neighbor)
What is your favorite color?  i don't know (he isn't too into talking about colors)
What is your favorite animal? Molly
What kind of animal is Molly? a beagle
What song do you like to sing? Veggie Tales
Where do you live? Texas
Are we moving? yes  Where? Iowa
Who lives in Iowa? Papa, Grandma, Buck-O, Grandma


Kerry said...

So cute! How fun that you decided to do this too. He really is darling! I watched his singing video the other day and it made me smile!

Once Upon A Parent said...

Great interview! I did one a few weeks back and think I will have to do it again in a few weeks. It is just so fun to hear the answers. Congrats on the house. I remember seeing pictures a few weeks back and it looks incredible.