Monday, September 7, 2009

30 Days Of Happiness: Molly Dog

I dear friend of ours is doing this 30 days of Happiness on her blog, you can check it out So I have decided to follow along with her and other blogers but I am putting a little twist on it and try to blog 30 days of happiness for my son, really is all about him anyway! So enjoy and if you would like to see what my 30 Days of Happiness is check out my personal blog in a couple of days.

Noah and Molly seem to have this love / hate relationship, really hate is a too strong of a word for them but I don't know really how else to explain it. We had Molly before Noah came along so she was kind of our 'first baby' and then of course we had Noah and there was and still is more attention given to Noah. But Noah loves Molly, he is becoming more and more 'nice' to her. He doesn't pull her tail as much or chases her with a toy. And I think Molly really loves Noah, she puts up with all of his craziness and load noises. Will let him lay on top of her or pull her tail, for atleast a short amount of time before she find a 'safe place' from him. But what Molly really loves about Noah and what Noah really loves to do for Molly is feed her off of his plate, much to mom and dads discouraging. But they do make a pretty good pair and I think as an onlooker that they are very happy to have each other around!