Monday, October 27, 2008

A little glimpse at our trip to Mexico

David and I had a great time in Mexico for about a week this last month. We missed Noah like crazy but were grateful and extremely happy that both of our parents were able to split time and come down to hang out with their grandson. Oh, and Auntie Laura! Thank you mom and dad's and Laura for that, it made the trip more enjoyable knowing that Noah was in great, loving hands. It does make us want more and more to be near family. I really hope that Noah will grow up knowing his extended family the way I was blessed growing up. We pray that in the next year or two God will help us make those important decisions as well as give us the patience to allow David to finish his dissertation. But not only finish but write it to the best of his ability and be proud of what he has accomplished.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hey all, we've had a really busy Columbus day. To celebrate the horrible subjugation and massacre that followed Columbus' "discovering" of the continent, we tried on a Halloween costume and went to look at pumpkins! The costume is supposedly a lion, but it looks a bit weird. He loved to eat the chin strap. Noah also got to crawl on the car a few days ago! I know the picture is of him on the top, but dad just put him on the hood and he climbed all the way up. He's a pretty big boy.