Sunday, April 22, 2012

Levi Turns 1!

As Levi's 1st birthday approached I of course went to the boards, Pinterest of course. :-)  At first I focused on LIONS.  Early on one of the ways I could bring a smile to Levi's face was by calling (sweetly) 'Levi the Lion' and giving a gentle roar.  He loved it so he has become my little lion.  Of course there are no party themes of JUST lions so I searched: Jungle, Safari, Circus and pulled from some pretty amazing parties out there in blog land.  And so course as my Pinterest board grew and grew with ideas I had to do some major editing and focusing, otherwise I didn't even want to think about how much a party would cost if I carried out all the ideas.  Our party was not big some close friends and the grandparents, the boys each had a couple of friends.  

 Levi the Lion

 Noah tried to encourage Levi to dig into his cake, he mostly ate the frosting.
 A little for Daddy!

 Our little safari table decor.  (Nothing too fancy, just fun)
 I found these little cups at Dollar Tree and filled them with animal crackers for kiddos to take come with a bubble wand.
 Our python sandwich, we also have chips, pasta salad, fruit salad and of course...
 cupcakes!  Grandma Carolyn gave me a hand and took care of the cupcakes.  I will brag and tell you that I made the lion cake after finding a picture on a website.
 Happy Birthday Levi, we love you!

Some of the websites I pulled from:
Lion Cake, Sandwich
Safari Friends Cupcakes
Birthday Invitation Invite (wording)

My Pinterest Board for all those other awesome parties I found! HERE

Monday, April 9, 2012

April, the Beginnings

I am in a bit of a blogging funk I guess so here are some pictures from recent events.  I am bummed there isn't much from Easter we were at my parents and my camera battery died...and of course I didn't bring the charger!

 One of my new favorite pics of David and Noah.
 One of the four Easter Egg Hunts!
 Official candy inspector.
 Levi loved watching the fish at the zoo.
 Happy Birthday David! (I will have to post the cake recipe soon.)
 Noah FINALLY got light sabers in his Easter basket!  It has been constant Imperial March and running from storm troopers!
"What did my mom do now?!?"