Sunday, April 25, 2010

What A Weekend!

We started off the weekend with a Friday night birthday party for our now 4 year old goddaughter, I can not believe she is 4!  She wanted a princess themed party so Noah dressed to the nines as a prince for her majesty!
Our handsome prince in his fine suit and with the brithday girl!  (we joke it looks like a prom picture)
My little prince giving me a smooch!
My king dancing with the birthday girl.

Saturday was a beautiful day and the school that I work at/Noah attends had their yearly carnival/auction.  We played games, ate food, won prizes, got a balloon animal, played with friends on the playground.  Noah also was dancing to the DJ's music, it was halarious, he would just stop and bust out a move and the part that Noah is still talking about it getting to meet the firefighters and climbing into their truck!
We also took several family walks this weekend, enjoyed time with friends, I got my hair cut (much needed), and knock on wood Noah has slept in his bed through the entire night all weekend (I probably just jinxed us.)  Oh, we packed a few boxes, progress - 4 more weeks, yikes!  Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend and a great start to the week!

Color Day 5: Orange (Better Late Than Never)

A few pictures I have taken, unfortunetly Lizard didn't make it into any of these.  Thanks Kerry at Young Ones for getting this together, check out others fun color adventures at Young Ones.
Picture 1: Obviously not current, because something would be wrong if it was snowing in Texas but Noah's ORANGE winter coat for our trip to Iowa this winter.

Picture 2: Noah last weekend enjoying an ORANGE popsicle after painting.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Color Day 4: Green

I am going to have to admit that I am going to cheat a little bit. We did not get pictures yesterday for GREEN so I went through some of my favorite pictures and found some GREEN to share.
Picture 1: Noah is his GREEN dinosaur pajamas
Picture 2: Noah have a snack at the zoo under some GREEN palms
Picture 3: The peacock with some GREEN in its feathers, beautiful.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Color Day 3: Yellow

My favorite, and again I know I am a day behind but I get there eventually!! We have had lots of fun with this probably me more than Noah. He does love to see his pictures on the computer, he will sit still for that, HA! Enjoy.
Picture 1 and 2: YELLOW flowers
Picture 3: Noah in a YELLOW swing at the park
Picture 4: YELLOW end school zone sign, we spotted on our walk
Picture 5: Dad in his YELLOW shirt and Noah 'pretending' he is shy
Sadly Lizard only made an appearance in one picture, do you see him?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Color Week Day 2: Blue

Sorry everyone there just wasn't enough hours in the day yesterday so there will be two posts today.  We did take pictures but I just didn't get around to sitting at the computer and uploading them so here are our blue pictures.  Join in our color adventure with one of your own or check out everyone else who is already joining in through Young Ones!
Picture 1: Noah at breakfast with his BLUE jacket and BLUE plate and lizard is swimming in his water.
Picture 2: Noah being a little fussy on our friend Max's shoulders, who is wearing a BLUE shirt
Picture 3:  The BLUE handicap sign in the parking lot at school
Picture 4: Lizard perched on top of a BLUE helmet
Picture 5: Noah and Lizard in the bushes by a BLUE security sign

Monday, April 19, 2010

Color Week Day 1: Red

It's A Day of RED
Noah and I have joined up with some other bloggers in a fun filled week of color through our children's eyes.  Kerry, from Young Ones, has rounded up for a week of fun.  Let her know if you would like to join in!  I gave Noah, who is 2.5, our old camera, which he loves playing with but he really just likes pushing the button at this point so we got a lot of wall and carpet shots, we will keep working on it.  So alternative to finding red I asked Noah to find it around the house and then his lizard friend joined in so you will be seeing Noah and Lizard on a Color Adventure all week.  I thought that was cute and Noah loves is.  Kerry I must say that this couldn't have come at a better time, my husband has been a little worried about Noah knowing his colors, what a great learning experience through play and our daily lives, thanks again!
Picture 1: Noah and Lizard with RED hammer
Picture 2: Lizard spotted on the RED table bench
Picture 3: Lizard spotted in a RED tunnel
Picture 4: Lizard spotted on Noah's very fast, RED shoes

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Interview with Noah

A fellow blogger, Kerry, has been posting interviews of her children, husband and herself.  It is really cute.  So I have decided to steal the idea and post interviews of our family.  Remember Noah is 2 1/2  so he is a little preoccupied with other things than sitting down to talk. :-)

What is your favorite food? cereals and these things (meaning the fruit snacks that were in his hand as we were talking)
What kind of pizza do you like? pepperoni
Where do you like to play? playgrounds
Who do you like to play with? Kenzie (that is our neighbor)
What is your favorite color?  i don't know (he isn't too into talking about colors)
What is your favorite animal? Molly
What kind of animal is Molly? a beagle
What song do you like to sing? Veggie Tales
Where do you live? Texas
Are we moving? yes  Where? Iowa
Who lives in Iowa? Papa, Grandma, Buck-O, Grandma

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Signs of Warmer Weather

Signs of warmer weather come in different forms for lots of people.  A few things around our house that are sure fire signs that warmer weather has arrived:
*Noah prefers a popsicle for dessert, treat, or any reason if we are offering(but what kid wouldn't)
*Noah informs me that that my legs are "prickly, I don't like it" (I guess that means if I am going to wear shorts, I need to shave more often)
*Baths/Showers happen a couple times a day for purposes of entertainment, cooling off and getting the dirt off
*Noah wants to wear his sandels, but thanks to Buck-O (that's G-pa Elder) he wants to wear them with socks
*David has put away all other shoes and lives in his flip flops
*Every toy turns into a lawn mower
*We have to check the temperature of the pool water about everyday
*My pastey white legs are on display
*We grill atleast couple times a week
*Our balcony is littered with chalk and water buckets
*Windows are wide open for fresh air, but also sadly in Texas we have already used the air conditioner a couple days in a row

What signs are you all seeing in your homes?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Busy Weekend

Our family enjoyed a four day weekend together. We had an Easter egg hunt with a one of Noah's school friends and a few other 2 year olds on Friday.   David and I also had a date on Friday, it has been awhile.
Noah and William (sorry it is fuzzy)
This is one of my favorite pics of Noah from the weekend, I have a lot of favorites from the weekend.
Noah and William again.

Saturday we didn't do too much, and that was just fine.  Noah and I walked to the donut store that morning then we went over to the Baughman's and played in their backyard and ordered pizza for lunch.  A great day.  A good friend of mine, has been talking about time wasters and I thought about that a lot this weekend when I had so much time to be with Noah and David especially with all that is going on in our lives in the next two months.  I also attended an Easter Vigal at St. Matthews Episcopal, I have never attended one before and it was long, very long but also a beautiful service.
Easter Sunday the weather was beautiful and we had a good day even though is was long.  We spent the day at church and with our 'Texas Family'.  Though naps were cut short and patience grew thin as the day went on it was a great time with family and wouldn't have traded the day for anything else.

Do boys ever grow up?  (I will admit I rode in the jeep too!)

I couldn't leave this picture out from the weekend!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!