Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 28: I love...

swimming!  That is right, we went swimming today, no it was not an indoor pool BUT it was an outdoor hot tub.  Don't worry it wasn't hot tub hot it was more like a huge warm bath tub, perfect!  Noah decided he wasn't going to nap today as much as David and I pushed and stressed outselves out trying to make it happen.  So we came up with ways to get out of the house without too much fuss.  And what is less stressful that a swim on a Texas February day?!  We had a wonderful time and Noah did not want to get out, surprise, surprise!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It is official, we are moving!

Many of you probably already know but we are moving, AGAIN.  In August (2010) will be our 5 year anniversay and by then we will have had moved 4 times!  This time we expect to put down some roots and get comfortable.  We are moving back to Iowa, and we are excited, well actually we have mixed feelings.  We are excited to move back to the midwest and to be within an hour to two hours from our parents.  We are excited to buy a house, God willing, and to have a yard! 
We are sad to leave those that we have come to call family here, in Texas.  We are sad to leave a good job for me but God will provide me with another opportunity, we are praying for a teaching position.  And let's face it after the winter that has hit the midwest this year the warmer weather that Texas offers. 
David accepted a job of Professor of Writing at Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa!  We feel so blessed with the opportunity to start his career in an exciting postion.  We will keep you all updated on house search, moving, and all the ups and downs along the way!  Thank you all for your prayers as we have gone through the job search and decisions.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18: I love...

Noah's enthusiasm for the small things. We live in texas and recieved quite an unusual helping of snow last week and lots of snowman friends popped up around our apartment complex as every school in the area canceled school last Friday. Well, in the last week it has gradually become warmer, like good old Texas and the snow is all gone EXCEPT for a few small piles that were once our snowman friends. These piles don't even amount to a 5 lb. bucket full but as Noah and I were outside in our jeans and t-shirts Noah had the best time gathering up every stick and twig he could find to stick into the last remaining bits of snow. He even gathered up a couple clumps of charcoal and gave our little snow friend eyes. I told him it looked like a porcupine, don't you think so?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 14 ~ I love...

Valentine's Day! Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovely people. Here are a few pics of Noah making cards for grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles! I love that Noah is starting to ham it up for the camera again instead of run from it whenever I get it out.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Challenge....

to clean out my pantry. I am sure most of you like me have can or jars of something in your pantry but you have no idea why you bought it, 'what recipe was I going to use that in?' Well I have challeged David and I to do a little better at using what is already in our pantry and freezer before it expires and we have wasted it. We are doing pretty good actually. It has also helped that I am planning meals every two weeks before I go grocery shopping. I am stumped on these two cans of cheddar cheese condensed soup....why did I buy them, who knows. Anyway if anyone has a recipe to share I would love to have it. I will also post the recipes on my Sweet Elder Blog. You can e-mail me:

February 12: I love...

rubber duckies and bubbles (and those smiling eyes)! Bathtime is a fun event in our day. Usually there is some running around before trying to avoid it and then there is not wanting to get out....ah, two year olds. (and my husband thought I couldn't make up my mind) Anyway, we have enjoyed a couple nice warm bubble baths with the cold weather blowin' around outside.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

4 Day Weekend....Lots To Do:

Well the snow that is beautifully covering most of north Texas has caused the school to close tomorrow! Yippy, a snow day in Texas! We also have Monday off due to President's Day, thank you to our founding fathers, so that leave me (us) with a four day weekend and an ever growing list of things to do in my mind:

Dishes (David is gone for a couple of days so the duty falls upon my shoulders)
Laundry (mounds of clean laundry is sitting on my closet floor)
Make cupcakes with Noah
Finish Valentine's cards with Noah
Make a pot roast
Make chicken enchilades to freeze
Plan menu for next couple of weeks
Post more pics on blog: February Love Series (follow along)
Sew an apron and/or sew a pillow cover
Clean off my desk
Pick up David from the airport
Clean bathroom(s) (if one gets done I am counting that as done) ;-)
Not on the list but have accomplished:
Made fresh bread
, yummy ~ thanks for the inspiration YDP ~
What is on your agenda for the weekend!?! Check in and keep me accountable!

Feb. 11 ~ I love....

SNOW! It is snowing in Texas, and it is beautiful. Schools are closing all around us but this 'Iowan' is lovin' it and is still at work and our school is still in session. Enjoy this fine February day. Hopefully Noah and I will get to play in the snow this afternoon...I will be sure to post pictuers.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 3: I love...

"sugar, sugar'. David, Noah and I had a little dance party before bed tonight to 'Sugar, Sugar' by Archies. I am sure if anyone could see in our windows they would think we were jazzercizing while our son was running laps around the kitchen. We had a great time. Enjoy a dance around your dining table.

Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1st ~ I Love...

the staling tactics that our 2 year old has started at bedtime. Another book, how can I discourage my child from the love of reading and stories? Another song, especially when he sings along in his sweet little voice. (if I figure out how to attach audio, you will be hearing him). And of course prayers, thanks God for the 'beautiful day, food, potty, poops, molly (our dog), blocks'....I could go on and on. But as much as this sometimes wears on my patience I LOVE every moment of it, what wonderful things to spend our time doing together.

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