Monday, October 22, 2012

Leaves, Leaves We Have So Many Leaves!

But we are putting them to good use!

 So happy that Levi didn't decide to jump off the chair like big brother.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy Birthday (Great) Grandpa

We celebrated my Grandpa's 94th birthday last weekend.  Not all of us (children, grandchildren and great grandchildren) got to be there but we partied anyway.  First of all can you imagine how much a person has seen in 94 years of life?  It boggles my mind...I mean I've seen a lot change and I am just 29!

We had beautiful weather and great food and of course a few presents.  It was so much fun to hear Grandpa talk about farming and when he bought his first car and what type of tractor he used in 195(whenever) and it also makes me feel very blessed to be in a family that is so close and that I grew up knowing my 'extended' family.  Occasionally David makes fun of me for calling my cousins 'cousins', because when I say cousins I am talking my mom's first cousin's children, etc!  But I love it and I loved it growing up and I hope that our boys will feel the same way about it and appreciate family even if they may or may not be 'blood' related.

 Some of the GREAT Grandchildren helping blow out candles.
Our Levi with his Great Grandpa!