Sunday, May 30, 2010

Catchin' up is hard to do...

We are here!  Our new house is wonderful and all of it is very exciting.  I am happy to say that all the packing, traveling, unpacking, settling is going very smoothly.  We have had AMAZING help in Texas and Iowa and prayers and support the whole way, a BIG thank you to everone, we could not have made it to this point without you!
I hope to have pictures soon.  I realize that I should have taken pictures before we moved anything into the house, you know blank slate and then pictures when I think we finally get rooms the way we would like that will ever happen.  If anyone knows me I like to move furniture.  Anyway we got unloaded and the first goal was to get Noah's room completed so when Grandma and Buck-o got him here all of his things would be in their places and he would feel comfortable.  That worked out splendid, we actually went ahead and set up his twin bed and put his toddler bed in the garage, out of sight out of mind!  He hasn't said one word about not have his 'little' bed, thank goodness.  Noah has transistioned pretty well, he is tired - but aren't we all - and he loves being outside. 
David and I are feeling really good about how much we got done yesterday, thanks to friends who stuck with us all day and unpacked box after box.  We have also done some that and our list keeps growing on more things to do or buy or whatever!  Again I hope to have pics soon...I promise. 

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our Moving Crew

We are packing, this picture was taken about a week ago but that is pretty much what it looks like around here...I like to call it organized, FUN, sometimes stressful, chaos!!  We are so excited to move closer to family and a new adventure but torn and sadden by the friends and 'family' that we are leaving in Texas.  Carla is in town to join in and Mom and Dad (Shelton) arrive on Monday.  The U-Haul is reserved and our second bathroom is no longer being used as a bathroom but storage for a mixture of boxes, newspapers and containers all awaiting items to be packed.  We have cleaned our cupboards and inventoried the fridge and freezer for meals the next few days.  I have made a list of things to get done and we have already marked off a few, this is real.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I have to apoligize for the lack of blogging that I have been doing lately.  We are in the final two weeks of finishing up jobs here in Texas and packing up and getting everything in line to move back to Iowa!!  We are super exciting but I don't have much time or energy to upload pics and fill you in on all that is going on.  Please forgive me and you will be hearing from us soon.