Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our Big (Little) Guy: Night Two, Three, Four

Well, knock on wood, this week really hasn't been too bad.  Sunday night was night one, so far the worst.  The last three nights Noah has just gotten up once every night around midnight and either David or I get up and take him back to bed and stay for a little while, at most a half and hour. The biggy is he hasn't been screaming like he did the first night.  He quietly gets out of bed and usually just come and stand in our living room.  He doesn't come and try and get in bed with us.  We have never had him sleep in our bed from day 1 he slept in his own crib, I suppose that is why he doesn't crawl in.  The big thing the last couple nights has been that he wants us to keep his door open when we put him in bed for the night so far it hasn't been horrible because he still falls asleep and we just go and close it once he is in bed.  You all must be praying for us because like I said I know some parents have had a much rougher time with this transition.

I have been looking for some cute sheet sets for a toddler bed but all I can find in stores is character ones (you know Thomas the Train or Spiderman) we are not huge fans of character items...I guess I will have to start searching online.

Sweet Dreams!

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