Thursday, March 4, 2010

Night 4...

So I don't know what that says about me not being able to count how many nights that Noah has slept in a 'big boy' bed but last night was night 4 and it was a little rough.
Noah got out of bed 3 times and all 3 time he was whining!  I totally jinxed myself in talking about how the last couple nights have been great.  Even though he has been getting up every night it is worse when he gets up screaming and whining, we all just tense up.  So my sweet husband, David, didn't have the patience for it last night and Noah wanted me anyway so I was on duty for the late night waking up and crying in the middle of the living room floor.  David woke got up with him this morning, which was also a lot earlier than normal. 
The thing is I can't help but think Noah is absolutely playing me because I will let him cry for awhile and then go get him and put him back in bed.  He is fine with getting in bed as long as I stay and lay down on the floor next too him and when he falls asleep I go back to my bed. 
Noah can open doors, we usually shut his, so he doesn't even stay in his room.  We have been thinking about putting those child safe door knobs on his door so he can't get out of his room and atleast he is not wandering around our house without us being aware of it....I don't know, one night at a time I guess.


Corinne Doughan said...

here's that post I wrote you about

Kerry said...

Not sure if you prefer the door closed, but if you'd rather it be open, but have him contained in the room you could try a baby gate in the doorway. I had a friend who did that. I also had a friend who installed a screen door on her child's room (to keep the cat out of the crib) and then she just added a latch on the outside when her daughter started wandering out in the night. He will get used to it soon! (The power of positive thinking!)