Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back to the Real World

Well we have done a lot over our spring break in Iowa this last week.  Now we have to go back to the 'real, current' part of our lives.  Work, housework, Noah to school it is all still happening even though we are dreaming and planning for our move this summer.  What a difficult time to live in the now, when we are dreaming and thinking of what is to come!  So back to the real world:
 ~ We purchased a bedrail for Noah's toddler bed, he still gets out of bed but for the last couple of nights it has only been once or twice and he just walks back to his bed with us.
 ~ Noah is testing like mad.  A lot of people say that is was the 'terrible threes' for them I am hoping this is the 'terrible twos' (if that is what this testing is) and it doesn't get worse at three.
 ~ David is back on campus working of the final layouts of the composition journal and I hope he will be cracking open that dissertation again (SOON).
~ I am back at work of course and making list and list of 'To Do' in the next couple of months.  It is usually like this at this time of year with the school year finishing up but now that we are moving I want to make sure that I leave everything nice, neat and super clear for whoever steps into my shoes.
~ The weather has been gorgeous, here in Texas!  Barefeet, t-shirts and fun with water on our balcony.

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