Monday, March 1, 2010

Our Big (Little) Guy: Night One

So our little guy is growing up.  I don't know why I thought our child would be any different from everyone else.  This past weekend Noah climbed out of his crib twice, the first time successfully busting his lip, the second time without any hesitation.  So after the second time I rocked Noah, he was pretty upset we put him down for a nap, more like overly tired and David quickly converted his crip to a toddler bed.  Or as Noah would say, 'daddy fixing my bed. where is the fence?'  We explained to Noah that is was dangerous to climb out of his bed and we didn't want him to get hurt so we had to make it a big boy bed.  The first night, last night, I looked at David and said, 'are you ready for hell week?' neither of us are very sure if we are ready or if Noah really is either.  Back to last night, wasn't that bad.  He fell right to sleep after reading books, which is unusual but had everything to do with not taking his naps for the last couple of days and was exhausted.  But, as soon as David and I started turning out lights and heading to bed ourselved at 10:30 Noah woke screaming and crying and we could hear him at his door, eventually I went in and tried to calm him down.  He screamed in my arms for 20 minutes, pretty much he didn't know what he wanted, he was exhausted and probably a little confused.  I laid down with him and he fell back to sleep and I was in my own bed at 11:30.  David and I went to sleep and was woken up by Noah screaming and crying at 5:00, David's turn.  David came back into our room after about 15 minutes.  I can still hear Noah, he hasn't settled down at all.  I asked if everything was alright and basically again Noah didn't know what he wanted and just had to scream it out.  (We made a peace offering of blueberry muffins for our neighbors, we live in an apartment for those of you who don't know.)  Noah never came to our room David went back to him after a half and hour and laid down with him until 7:20, they both fell asleep.
Among other things Noah is potty training too!  Lot's of changes in our house on top of moving, house hunting, finding a new job for me....stay tuned there will be more from me.  Until then get some sleep and pray for us.

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Kerry said...

Wow! You're not kidding about lots of big stuff at once. I'll be thinking of you guys!