Saturday, August 8, 2009

4 Years Married, 8 Year Together, And Lots of Memories In Between

These pictures chronicle our relationship. Sadly we uploaded them incorrectly, so it starts at the top here with our most recent picture, but it'll all be OK, I promise.

Every year on my mom and dad's anniversary, my mom puts on her wedding dress. We decided to give it a try, too, but uckily for us we bought my suit, so I can participate as well. Even after having a kid, Rebekah fits into her dress like it was tailored for her (which, I suppose, it was). My suit, however, fits as if it were tailored for a skinnier person (but not just the waist! My shoulders have grown, too...I'm becoming a man).

This is our 3rd anniversary. We were in Farragut, and we didn't take our wedding attire with us. Instead we reenacted the "Mashing of the Cake" (but somehow Rebekah managed to keep her face clean, hmmmm)
Not an anniversary, but pretty important, I suppose. Not Rebekah's best picture, but c'mon, she just made a new human. I look awesome because, c'mon, my wife just made a new human!

We cheated a bit for our 2nd anniversary. I didn't button up my shirt, and Rebekah didn't zip up her dress. I was just lazy. She was preggers.

This is a very early Molly picture. She was our first baby, but after having Noah I think I like kids better than dogs. Kids have diapers, and when you leave them in the house alone, they don't pee on the carpet. And I guess I don't leave Noah in the house alone...
First anniversary in our first apartment together. We went to San Antonio to celebrate. We walked the riverwalk, and, well...that's all there is to do in San Antonio, but it was fun!
This is probably self-evident, but this is a photo from our wedding. Huzzah for marriage! Huzzah for the only day in August that wasn't over 90 degrees for a ceremony in an unairconditioned church!
This is our first visit to Texas. We stopped by the botanical gardens after we visited TCU. We were still in college (and unmarried) so we took our friends Adam and Kim along to chaperone so we could still have a white wedding.
Engagement pictures! Look at Rebekah's perm!
If I really have to explain this one to you, then you obviously didn't ever walk the ceremony we just got done walking.
Thanksgiving of our Junior year, we went to my rommate Ben's parents' house in Holland, MI. We made a snowman and hugged it. I tried to bring him inside for the night (it was cold) but I just ended up murdering him. I cried a puddle of tears the size of my melted friend.

Sophomore year in Adam and Hal's room. Aren't we so young and cute and full of life?
Our very first picture together. Notice the lack of dog, child, and beard.


Kim Doughan said...

That was such a great trip to TX when we got to chaperon you guys! It seems like just yesterday in a way. So much has happened since then. Miss you guys dearly.

Angela said...

I love the post, the sense of humor, and the fact that your first picture together was taken on my bed! :-)