Friday, July 3, 2009

One Fine Day

So the last week has been a week off of work for me. That means David gets a work week devoted to his second wife, his dissertation, and I am a stay at home mommy! I do have to say that it is different being home and not leaving the house but it has so many rewards. Noah is awesome for one thing, I am sure y'all know that - I mean look at the kid he is adorable. No but seriously, I have been having fun, tons of fun. Yes there are times that I wish he would sleep in atleast until 7 (it was a sad day when I started thinking 7 was sleeping in) or when trying to make lunch he has to have my attention or to take a walk means chasing Noah down to put on shoes, get a leash on Molly, then chasing Noah down again because he has wandered off while I was attending to Molly, carrying Noah down three flights of stairs while manuvering around Molly so I won't trip myself, hauling the stroller out of the car and then finally we are off. That in itself is a workout! But it is those moments at the end of the day that make me smile, laugh and almost tear up because of how lucky I am. How lucky I am to have a little boy who loves to be outside and loves to just say my name over and over that he begins to sound like a CD that skips.

David and I have been talking the older Noah gets the harder it is going to be to keep a straight face when desciplining him. He is just too cute and when he looks at you and you know those wheels are turning in there, he has totally got us figured out, he will slap a huge ol' smile on his face and all seriousness is gone, I am a bit frustrated but really what can you do when he goes limp and lays on the floor in the middle of Target (no joke happened last week). I might add that David was no help and was laughing! I laugh now.

I guess my point is it is a blessing to me a mom to Noah and I am blessed to have time with just him. And really we will all agree our lives would just be too boring without kids, and frankly I think we would not notice the little stuff as much and to me that would just be a shame.

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