Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Things With Every Phone Call

So as you all know little boys and girls do grow up and our little fella isn't any different. David and Noah have been spending the days together since am back at work from summer vacation. Throughout the week I have received several phone calls from my boys and everytime I see it is them calling I hope that no one is hurt or David isn't asking 'What time will you be home?' No seriously they have had great days together. They have visited the zoo, gone swimming, played in the dirt, taken naps together (which I am extremely jelouse about), built forts, and a whole lot of other male bonding activities.
But today David called me and what I hear when I answer the phone is David talking to Noah, 'Tell Mommy what you did today, can you tell her?'

I say, 'What did you do today, Noah?'

David says, 'Noah did you go potty?'

Noah finally chirps up, 'Potty!'

Now I realize that we are far from being potty trained but a couple weeks ago we purchased a little throne from our little prince because he has been telling us potty. We understand that he hasn't fully grasped the concept and are not pushing it but when he does say potty, we will ask him if he needs to go and he usually says yes so we take him and sit him down. He is usually not there for more than 5 seconds but atleast we are getting the concept about what needs to happen when he says potty. So the short of it Noah went potty in the potty three time today!! Crazy I know and don't worry I am not going to stop investing in Pampers all because of a few trips to the bathroom, but you have to admit it is pretty cool!

The second phone call today was the utterance of a complete sentence. David was telling Noah that he sees the soccer ball and Noah repeated, 'I see it.' He also has been saying, 'bye-bye Daddy.' or 'Good night, monkey.' It is so wonderful to hear that little voice.

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