Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where does life go?

Ugh! It just seems like life is flying by. Maybe it is just me, but I feel like David and I are living on the fast track and gearing up for a big race! I am preparing for teachers and students to come back, there are/were so many things I wanted to get done in the office while everyone was gone this summer....I am sure if I made a list it would see like I got more done. David is typing, typing, and typing. He is typing/writing his disertation, editing for his copy editing job, reading/assessing papers for another free lance job he has taken on and gearing up to be the managing editor of TCU Compositions Studies (a yearly journal)...
Plus we are trying to be a family that spends time together as much as we can and SLOW DOWN to enjoy our lives and our little boy. I find myself wishing away hours, days even weeks sometimes. Like the upcoming teacher in-service week. Did I mention I am leading a training on Assessment, yikes, I am totally freaked out!
Really we are doing well we just know/feel that this school year, we better put on our running shoes. (good thing Noah can finally wear his All-Stars from Grandma, they are super cute...I mean awesome!)
So I am callenging myself to make the most of every moment and focus on the positive or the good that come from each day!

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