Monday, March 7, 2011

A few pictures to start March off right!

This is the type of thing that happens when I take a nap.  David taught Noah to paint with his cheeks, nose, chin, well you can see!  Noah thought it was awesome.

Noah and I making some gooey, yummy monkey bread!

Myself and some other playgroup mamas and there kiddos enjoyed an afternoon at Play All Day.  Noah and I had never been there, but I am sure we will go back since he asks to go back almost every day!  They had bounce houses, a home center, huge lego blocks, art and puzzle tables, mats and a small ball pit - just about everything.  I have really felt blessed too in meeting some moms in town, it has been good for Noah and myself.

Week 33: I think this shirt is going to have to be cycled out of my maternity wear from this point on...bummer!

One tuckered out little fella.  He actually fell asleep on the couch without any work on our part - David and I couldn't believe it.

Our Spring Break Day outing.  David was off this week, I still had to work but we made an afternoon together in town.  He checked out the air museum that had an old fire engine, cars, ambulance, helicopter - and the greatest thing about it we could get into just about all the vehicles.  Noah had a great time and so did we.  After the museum we went to Wendy's for a frosty treat and then swimming at the YMCA.

Hope your March is just as wonderful as ours has been so far!

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Kerry said...

Too fun! David seems like quite a fun dad! You look fab! Your hair is getting long. Noah always looks so happy in the shots you capture of him. Sweet family!