Monday, March 21, 2011

Guest Blog

Hey there, everybody!  I remember a time, way back in 2000something, when this blog was coauthored.  Rebekah would write some posts, I (David) would write some posts, and Noah would dominate everything (so I guess not everything has changed...).  Well, now Rebekah has taken over--and she should!  As you can see from all of her posts she has a passion for this and it seems that she's made some friends and good bonds in the blogging world.  I'm happy for her and proud of her for taking on this project and having pride in the things she's doing as a woman, mom, and wife.

That's why I've decided to write this post.  Check out this amazing woman:

She's 8 months pregnant.  She's a smokin' hottie.  She still works three mornings a week.  She still does tons of stuff with Noah--which is well-chronicled on this blog--she's pretty much taken over all cooking duties (which I used to do 5 out of 7 days a week), and she's still smiling!  Can we all agree she's awesome?

So, if you see this good lookin' preggo in the next few days or weeks, let her know she's great!  (And yes, this really is David writing the blog; it's not Rebekah fishing for compliments because, let's be honest, she doesn't need to fish.  She just deserves the compliments!)


Kerry said...

This is so very sweet! Looking forward to meeting all of you Elders some time this summer!

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

David! I love you but I love Rebekah more (:

She is an awesome gal!

Jim Ellis said...

Rebekah, you are dang awesome!

Carla said...

Well it is needless to say that my sister is AWESOME!

Elder Family said...

Thank you everyone - you are all awesome too and so happy that you are a part of my life. I love you David - and I love your little surprises, they light up my day!

MaggieBirdsell said...

So. Dang. Sweet!

Rebekah, you are amazing! You're a great mama and friend. You are a special part of my life. Your family is lucky to have ya!