Sunday, February 27, 2011


I can feel the days of change coming on.  As we head into March I know and feel that this pregnancy has flown by and not only is the little guy inside of me growing but so is my baby, Noah.  He is getting so big and I can't wait to see him as a big brother.  He almost daily gives my belly raspberries and hugs his brother (my tummy).  I look forward to the days of watching them grow up together - I know there will be fights and tantrums and whatever else but those moments will go quickly and they will always have the bond of brothers. 

Noah has been up to lots:
~ loves to help me in the kitchen cooking and baking.
~ still loves to sit and have books read to him - sometimes we can sit for 30 minutes or more
~ loves to pester or dog, Molly
~ has been playing make believe more, giving his puppets names and carrying on conversations
~ has a fantastic memory - which usually backfires on me, when I don't remember something but he does
~ sits/plays quietly through a whole church service with us
~ loves to visit friends and have people come to our house for dinner or to play
~ loves to play Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds on David's IPod; his love for electronics makes his daddy proud.

I have finished a couple projects for Noah's room (new curtains and a new chair), but Levi's room remains a mess of odds and ends that need to be cleared out so we can at least set up a crib - the poor kid is already playing second fiddle! 
I have been feeling great, though big and the tired stage has hit again.  I really wish Noah still took naps regularly.   I am usually able to squeeze in a short nap when David gets home and before dinner, so that is a blessing.  My Dr. appointments are now every two weeks!  I am still working three mornings a week and plan on working until I can't or the baby comes.
David has been great through this pregnancy, a bit stressed at time with the balancing act of job, home, dissertation and the upcoming changes in our lives which I can't blame him.  The dissertation is coming along - he has got a couple whole chapters to his entire committee and one too the chair of his committee and once she reviews/makes suggestions/comments he will be able to send it to his whole committee as well - what a process!

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Kerry said...

Checking in after a bit of a blog break. How exciting that you are reaching the home stretch of your pregnancy. You are in my thoughts!