Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 15: I Love...


 I had fun decorating for a special Valentine's dinner with my boys!  (Mom, I know you are laughing because this is about the only time you will see a table cloth on my table).  I bought the paper lanterns at the Dollar Tree, and some red heart paper doilies, and put some candles on the table.

 Everything that I could make heart shaped, I did!

 Noah said, 'It's beautiful!'
  He even got to use adult, 'party' glasses, he thought that was fun.

And got to top his pancakes with whatever he wanted - very yummy!
I will share more Valentine-fun meals tomorrow, check back!!


Kerry said...

How fun! That table looks gorgeous! Lucky boys!

Gene_Cindy said...

Why wasn't I invited?!?