Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We Are Still Here!

Wow, time has flown by the last couple of weeks.  Lot's of happenings in our home and lives.  The biggie - the end of summer!!  Can you believe it?  Here is the quick points:

- new faculty trainings and workshops (3 weeks worth)
- FINALLY, the completion of campus office and I FINALLY get lots and lots of books out of the house!
- first day of classes as Professor Elder!! - he told me he has felt like such an 'imposter', I told him he was made for this job!
- met Monday night with the men's group from the church we have been attending to pizza and beer - had a great time.

Me (Rebekah):
- started my job on Monday (23rd), great bunch of kids - I am still trying to dust out the cobwebs from my brain but really a great first couple of days, three year olds don't really notice the cobwebs!
- accomplished my first ever canning!!! Check out my Sweet Elder blog for recipe and pics!
- finding my 'nitch' at being a stay at home mom - I do love it but Noah can be just as stubborn as me

- his last molers are coming in
- started daycare three mornings a week while I am at work.  He seems to enjoy it, no crying at drop off atleast.
- he has picked up some kung fu moves, which he 'tries' on mommy every once and awhile (we watched Kung Fu Panda for family movie night)
- sat through one whole church service!!
- has been playing more imaginative play, mostly with the lego men
- went to the Omaha Zoo with mom and left Dad home sick!

As A Family:
- We have moved Noah's room upstairs.  For 4 nights in a row is insisted on sleeping in the guest room and we let him and after night 4 I told him if he was going to sleep upstairs that we were going to move all of his things up too.  So on Sunday we made the move.
- David and I attended a beginning of school faculty party at the Dean's home- met lots of great people!
- attended a Sioux City Exploreres Baseball game, beautiful night and Noah made it through the 5th inning

So there's a catch up for you all!  Hope all is well!

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