Monday, August 2, 2010

Mosquitos, Please Go Away

Today, David started 'officially' his job at Morningside College and I 'officially' became a stay-at-home mom!  Noah and I joined David for his walk to work - since it was rainy/wet from last nights storms it would proabably be the only time outside today.  But not only was it rainy/wet the mosquitos were out in full force!  We all got several bites but Noah's bites welt up - check out the one right under his eye!  Pour fella. 

Other than the mosquitos we had a pretty good day.  I do have to share this 'melt my heart moment'.  Noah had gotten in trouble for throwing a block at me (that is not the 'melt my heart moment') and as I sat down to talk to him about why he was in trouble, if he would like his mommy or a friend to throw a block at him, and how that would make him feel.  I also asked him what he thinks he should say to me to make me feel better, his response, 'mommy can you play blocks with me, because you are my best friend', wraps his little arms around me in a huge hug and asks me, 'Are you happy now?'

I have recently been asked if it is hard to discipline Noah (because he is so darn cute and such a stinker) - I guess there is your answer.

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