Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Words, words, words!

I was just writing a friend about how conversational Noah is becoming, it is always adorable when they say the perfect thing.
Lately, he has been saying, 'oh! gosh' and at appropriate times really. When he or I drop something or we can't get something just is so hard to explain but it is just perfect, and we are not really sure where he picked it up from. Hopefully, I will be able to catch some audio and attach it to this post later.
He sings the Itsy, Bitsy Spider, and the Blessing that he sings at school. I thought I knew it but I am going to have to ask Mrs. Dawn and Ms. Monica what the words are because when we start singing it with him, he tells us, 'No, no!'
We sing alot in the car, oh how I wish I could share. OH, and I do have to share that there is a bit of a Texas drawl in some of his words, we are raising a Texan!

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Angela said...

This is such an exciting time in a child's development! I wish I could hear his southern drawl!