Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all of you, we have had a wonderful weekend and still have another day to go with an extra hour! We carved our pumpkin which now proudly sits by our front door, I finished Noah's costume and David and I purchased finishing touches to ours TODAY!! I have to brag on myself though, I am so pleased with how Noah's costume turned out I am proud of myself! We walked a couple blocks with some friends and Noah did awesome saying 'trick-or-treat' and 'thank you', he even told one man 'have a good day!'. Isn't it awesome, the things kids say! I wish I could attach an audio clip to the blog. If anyone knows how to do that let me know. David and I dressed as pirates and Noah was our parrot! We hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween, enjoy your extra hour!

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Jan Peterson said...

What an adorable "parrot"!!Your pics are precious and will always be something to look back on because believe it or not....Noah is growing quickly and you will want these to remember your sweet little one! Jan