Monday, October 12, 2009

I Know....

So we haven't been on the ball lately and the last time we posted ANYTHING was a month ago. I guess that should tell me that we have been busy and we have things to share, I will try and narrow it down. Let's see David and I are both very busy at work but, that is the boring stuff I know many of you who read would rather hear about family things and Noah. (It's okay if you really only care about Noah)

School has started for Noah, where I work, and he comes with me a couple times a week and hangs out with Dad the other couple of days. It has worked out wonderfully for us though a little stressful at times while we try to stay with only one car, but we make it work and you know it is cheaper with only one car. Noah loves his teachers, Ms. Dawn and Ms. Monica, and really I think he thinks he runs the school since we are there all the time.
In the last month Noah has gained an Aunt and David and I a sister-in-law. Justin, David's brother, was married Sept. 12th to Hannah! We are all very excited that our family is growing and David and Noah stood up in the wedding....well actually Noah had a hard time focusing since the wedding was outside. At one point he bent down to the ground the started saying, rather loudly, 'Daddy, grass, grass, Daddy, grass!' I found it amusing and I will have to admit I am thankful we can pronounce the /gr/ sound....some one year olds can not!
Ben and Emily came to visit and Noah hasn't stopped talking about them, well actually Emily, sorry Ben!

The weather has been very Fall-ish for Texas, and David and I are soaking it up! Today, we went to a pumpkin patch just north of Dallas about a half and hour and Noah picked out a pumpkin and ran through the fields. It was pretty muddy and wet and about half way through our time there, Noah started walking around stiff-legged because his pants were wet up to his knees! It was funny. We did get a few pictures and I will post them in a seperate post but we were totally bummed that our camera battery died as soon as we got a family picture with the pumpkins. Atleast we got a few pictures and Noah had fun.
I promise there will be more later....just don't hold your breath!


The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Love those pictures! Noah is getting so big, good job on those GRs!

Miss you! I think you look just lovely in that green dress.

Angela said...

I love the tree picture!