Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Holidays!

Christmas was here, though looking out our windows on Christmas morning you would have thought it was the beginning of Fall NOT the end of December!  The weather has been so strange for us Midwestern folk but I don't believe many of us are complaining!  (It actually reminds me of our Texas winters)  We enjoyed so much time with each other over the holiday and with family and friends.  With David being a professor he gets a good long break from his office and duties, it is nice to have that schedule for those respites and I try my hardest not to just hand over the kids and clock out myself but to make our time as a family relaxing and not over scheduled.  I also have to remind myself not to just clock out because this is to be a break for David too...something we have had to work through.  It is kind of funny because as much as I love David being home now that I am a SAHM he kind of throws my groove off, and I tease him about it as he asks me if I would like him to leave!  But after we are all adjusted and into the swing of it we have lots of fun times together: driving around looking at lights, enjoying meals with friends and family, baking, playing soccer at the playground, opening presents after presents, eating more, watching movies, reading books, coloring and I also look around Isee how absolutely blessed I am. 

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Jessica said...

Looks like fun!! I get completely throw off every time Andrew is home too. I'm glad I'm not alone