Monday, January 23, 2012

A Bit Trapped

I am feeling a little closed in these days.  As my first winter in Iowa as a SAHM while I love my children I am so tempted just to bundle us all up and haul us to Target or the Mall just to see other humans.  I am also a bit bummed that I have not been able to get Noah outside as much as I would like and as much as he needs to get out there and run and get fresh air.  I am in a dilemma with Levi at the age he is in and Noah where he is.  Yes, I can bundle both boys from head to toe but really Levi can't get down and play in the snow, he can't move like Noah and keep warm so I am getting a little stir crazy on how to keep us all entertained.  That's all really...not very excited.
 Levi's fishy face, he has been doing this a lot!
Noah and I did get out this last weekend while David was home, he had fun.  I am glad we got out when we did the snow was gone by noon!

Here are some other things we have been doing inside, check out my Sweet Elder blog!

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