Monday, July 18, 2011


Since Noah doesn't take naps anymore he has a quiet time everyday in his playroom, some days he is happy to go others we have to fight him tooth and nail but that is not what this post is about. 
Today, Noah was enjoying quiet time.  I could hear him playing with his piggy bank and getting out all the change.  Soon Noah comes downstairs with a smile, I am about to send him back up when:

Noah:  'Mom, I got out all my money for another prayful baby!'
Me: 'What?'
Noah:  'I spread out all my money for us to get another baby!'
Me: 'Sweetie, that isn't the way it works.'
Noah: 'No, I am going to pay God for another baby!'
Noah has brought me to tears (happy ones) I pick him up in a big hug, he gives me a huge hug back, he is so proud, David comes into the room.
Noah: 'Dad, I got out all my money for another prayful baby!' and gives us both a huge hug
Me: 'Noah, I am sorry but that isn't the way it works, we will talk about it later.'

Our little boy sure does love his little brother and we have been so proud of him!

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Kerry said...

So, so sweet! What a lovely memory this will be! Love that shot of you all!