Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some Early Easter

Noah and I have had the opportunity to do some Easter egg hunting with friends.  And as much as everyone is telling me to sit still, being 9 months pregnant, but I didn't want Noah to miss out on activities and times with friends so I waddle along like an Easter duckling.  And really who am I kidding, I am not that good at 'sitting still'.  Here are a few shots from our hunts.  The first set is with other mommas and kiddos that Noah and I have met and they have all become such great friends for both of us as we are closing in on being here a whole year - can you believe that a year has almost passed since our big move?!?  (The pics loaded out of order, sorry)

Our second hunt was a put on by the city and a local hospital and it was crazy busy.  I didn't get as many pics mainly because I was afraid that Noah was going to be trampled by the crazy parents that were grabbing the eggs for their kids instead of letting them do it.  There was also a local fire truck there and I am pretty sure Noah enjoyed that much more than the hunt itself.

Can you see all those specks out there in the grass?  Those are all eggs, they announced that they had stuffed 20,000 eggs! 

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