Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Here are some more pictures because really that is what you all want to see!  We are doing well.  Levi is gaining ounces like a champ.  All of the grandparents have left (but are not too far away, THANK GOD).  And we are settling into what could resemble a routine.  Noah adores his little brother and asks when he will be able to play and walk.  He also asked me tonight on our walk if we can have another baby!!

Noah's face as he walked in to meet his little brother for the first time!

 The nurses put Levi's footprints on David's shirt!  They said I can heat set it, I haven't tried yet...any ideas before I try?

 Grandma and PaPa
Grandma and Bucko

 Bringing Levi home!
 One of the most adorable faces ever!
Daddy lovin' on his little man!


Kerry said...

Yay for the pictures! I love the one of the two brothers. The feet on David's shirt... so cute! Maybe heat setting it with an iron?
Congrats... you make a lovely family of four!

Anonymous said...

Love the new photos! Looks like you're having lots of fun with your new son. So glad he's here! Praying for you during this time of transitioning to being a family of 4 (or if Noah gets his way, 5+!) ~ With love from California, Sarah (& Scott)