Monday, April 13, 2009

10 Noteworthy Things (Good or Bad) That Happened in the Last 24 Hours

* I (Rebekah) got to cuddle with Noah this morning, because I didn't have to work today!

* I took care of clutter! (believe me this one is huge)

* Noah loves the animals that he got in his Easter basket

* David has hit a wall in getting his perspectise approved (made for a stressful afternoon) Pray that it gets passed before the summer so he can write this summer.

* Dinner was a success, we tried a new recipe!

* We all three ate lunch and dinner together at the table.

* Noah would rather sit and read 5 books in a row than watch an episode of any cartoon (who knows how long that will last)

* David and I got lots of time together today, we had not a single thing planned.

* We got to skyp with both my parents and David's, I love technology.

* It was a beautiful mid-60 degree, Spring day.

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Angela said...

Thanks for sharing pieces of your day. It makes me wish I were there to spend it with you. :-)

Love you,