Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Our Small Family

We are enjoying our days as a family. David has been done with school for a few days now and I am obviously on maternity leave and Noah is here as well as our dog, Molly. It has been wonderful finding out what parenthood and being a mom and dad is all about. David and I still sit on the couch with Noah in one of our laps and just look at him and then look at each other and realize how extremely blessed we are. We are so blessed to be a mom and dad to our little baby boy. When he looks up at us with his deep blue eyes we are in awe of what God has given us in Noah. We look forward to watching him grow up and discover this world for himself. But, right now we are content with sitting here on our couch next to each other with Noah in one of our laps and gazing upon his little round face, long fingers, dark hair and looking into those deep blue eyes and wondering how we never realized we could love so much and that such a little fella could show us so much love.

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Emily said...

Hell-o TX!! Thank you for starting a blog for us long distant family memebers. It's good to hear someone is getting the warm weather for it's not in my neck of the woods.