Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Anybody Here?

I doubt I have very many followers but for those of you still out there. Tonight as I was working on some scrapbooking I turned to social media to remind me of events that my brain has forgotten.  To tell you the truth I am still working on our 2010 family album...yes you heard me 2010, ugh!
So as I was reading all my Facebook posts from 2010 I was reminded of some great times we have had as a family and little things I had posted about Noah that I probably would have never remembered ever again.  But have no fear social media to the rescue, plus on top of that I was pretty good about blogging still in 2010 - so my 2010 family album can bring together all these scattered thoughts.
So here I am to remind you that we are still here, still growing and thriving and enjoying life.  And also to challenge myself to come back her more often to journal, share and put into words the daily lives that we are living.

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