Saturday, January 5, 2013

Super Hero's Halloween

A couple month have passed and a LOT has happened: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Noah's 5th Birthday and the list goes on and I am starting off the new year looking back so I can hopefully move forward! :-)

 Noah of course wanted to be a superhero for Halloween, Iron Man to be specific.  I actually think we went to the store looking for Captain America and came out with Iron Man.  I planned on not buying Levi a costume hoping he could wear Noah's Spinderman from last year but it was too big and I couldn't pass up the little Hulk costume once I saw it!

 Oh! and I dressed up too for one of the party.  In case you didn't know I am Wasp from the Avengers.

  I don't feel to horrible spending the money we got lots of wear out of them: a playdate Halloween party, a family Halloween party, trick or treating in the dorms, our church's Trunk or Treat night, Halloween night of course and just everyday dress up so all in all a good investment!  And listing all that kind of makes me feel like this:

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