Thursday, November 10, 2011


David and some co-workers are teaming together to raise money for prostate cancer.  They started the month clean shaven...our little boys were not so sure about Daddy's bare face!  They will only we growing a mustache for the month of November to raise money.  If you feel led please donate to the Morningside Mushtangs!!

Link for the Morningside Mushtangs!

Here are some pics of David through the transition to Movember!

What David normally looks like.
David first shaved his head for Halloween and went to work looking like his co-worker!  A remarkable resemblance, huh?!
Having a little fun with Movember.

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Kerry said...

Isn't it funny how kids react to their Daddy's facial hair? Or Grandpa's? Nora still hasn't forgiven my Dad for shaving his mustache almost a year ago!
That Halloween costume is great!