Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Levi: 6 months

We haven't had his doctor's appointment yet to share his stats but Levi celebrated 6 months on Friday!!  I (I am sure David too) cannot believe that our baby is 6 MONTHS OLD already!!  It seems like this little fella is growing up much faster than his big brother.
What Levi is up to:
~ Rolling and rolling and rolling
~ Getting up on hands and knees and rocking (there have been a few scoots forward but mostly we are still in reverse)

~Taking in about 4-5 6 oz. bottle a day with a veggie/fruit or cereal in there for lunch or dinner.  So far he has had green beans, peas, squash, sweet potatoes next we will do a few more fruits!

~ He really loves and calms down when we turn on his crib mobile music in the middle of the night which has helped us greatly in getting him to self soothe and sleep all night without a bottle or pacifier.
~ Gives his brother the biggest smiles and even lets brother wrestle with him, he loves it! (I will post the video in the next couple of days)
~ Takes 2 naps: morning one runs about 1.5 sometimes 2 the afternoon usually takes 2 maybe 3 hours
~ Loves being outside and looking at the trees
~ Lots of squeals and giggles and really only gets fussy when he is hungry.  All around a happy boy.

We have been blessed with two happy, healthy boys!

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Kristina Postma said...

It sounds like he is doing excellent!!! The daytime naps sound wonderful. . .we're having trouble getting Haleigh to nap! Hard to believe that Levi is such a big boy already! I love how much hair he has - what a cutie!