Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Past Week

Like many of our friends we too have been busy!  Let's catch up!

Noah started preschool, which he loves and shares little parts of his day(s) with us like what was for snack and what stations he played at. 

David is definitely in full swing college mode, extra meetings and committees.  But overall very excited about new students and the activity on campus.

My parents visited and as Noah calls it had a sleepover. 

We attended a birthday party for a sweet (now) 3 year old and made our first trip to Chuck E. Cheese...David and I have been avoiding taking this place like the plague (David has still managed to avoid it but Noah and I survived).

Sunday we enjoyed a beautiful day in the park at an annual event, ArtSplash, with local artists and lots of great kid's activities. 

We made a make shift fire ring in our backyard, collected sticks and had our own little hot dog and s'more roast, it was so enjoyable and the weather couldn't have been better.

Enjoyed an afternoon at Pumpkinland with friends- running through the corn maze, petting bunnies and kittens, and sitting on a pumpkin or two. 

Lot of little things in between too:
made my first batch of laundry detergent
made two complete meals to freeze: chicken enchiladas and stuffed shells (hope to post recipe soon, over here)
started making a list of Christmas gifts (hope to share the ones that I make), birthday ideas (Noah has asked for another dinosaur cake) and Halloween costume ideas (Noah: Spiderman, Batman, Captain America or a Scuba Diver)

....oh what busy times we have ahead!

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