Sunday, August 28, 2011


I am doing a lot of catching up this August.  The Omaha Henry Doorley Zoo is usually an hour drive but with the flooding it is a good two but that has not stopped us from making the trip every other month or so to enjoy all that a zoo has to offer.  This last trip we were able to enjoy it with a couple other families, we made it through the zoo with 5 children that remained fairly happy and content throughout, and the adults did pretty well too!
Here are a few shots from the trip.

In the bear caves!  Oh my!
 Jacob showing off some steps.

 Noah thought this duck was pretty funny it was pecking at the window trying to get at Noah.
 Ploeger Family, Us'n and the Simmelink Family

Great day by all, hopefully the flood waters start moving out and we can get to the zoo more often (I am hoping that the flood waters move out for other reasons as well).  If you are ever in Omaha the zoo is fabulous and we highly recommend it!

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